About US

Magic Valley Powder LLC is locally owned and based in the Magic Valley and city of Twin Falls, Idaho.  The owner, Ramiz Lilic has been in the Animal Nutrition Business for 20+ years.  He started working in this industry at the age of 11 alongside his father.  He has learned the industry by starting out with tasks assigned to an 11-year-old, to Production Worker, to Warehouse Supervisor, to Site Operations Manager, to Business Owner.  Through the years he has learned the value of cows and calves to the dairy; poultry, swine, goats and lambs to the farm owners, and horses to the equine industry. 

One of Ramiz’s top priorities is to connect with community, partners, and customers.  His instant connection with people not only in business but in the Twin Falls Community is apparent as he contributes to community events for various organizations throughout the Magic Valley.  His love of people and animals make a great combination for consulting with animal owners and partners to ensure Magic Valley Powder’s products are of premium quality and meet the animals nutritional needs.  Ramiz is the heart of Magic Valley Powder.    

Magic Valley Powder can deliver solutions for your animals nutritional needs efficiently, affordably and effectively on demand.

With nourishment in mind, Magic Valley Powder focuses on helping your animals thrive by providing quality products that are made to support your animals performance and profitability while minimizing the adverse effects of environmental stresses.  Magic Valley Powder provides our customers with cost effect, quality products that support your animals health.

Magic Valley Powder focuses on developing lasting relationships with our customers and partners throughout the country and around the world.    We are committed to supporting animal nutritionists, veterinarians, partners and our customers with focus on their every changing needs. 

Magic Valley Powder – NUTRITION – AT IT’s BEST

Check out our Magic Valley Microbials brand of Animal Ingredients and Supplements.  These are yeast derived products which focus on nourishment and health solutions for your animals; to include bovine, equine swine, poultry, and ruminants.

Yeast Derived Products – The focus for Nourishment and Health Solutions for your animals.

Magic Valley Powder’s Brand of Animal Ingredients & Supplements

Meet our Staff

Ramiz Lilic

Owner & Director of Sales


Amna Lilic

Director of Operations


Kathi Egbert

Administrative Manager & Admin Assistant


Connie Thompson

Logistics and MVM Warehouse Manager


Logan Howell

Logistics & Warehouse and Office Assistant


Fred Nye

Regional Sales Representative


Saul Martinez

Regional Sales Representative